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Cannabis Industry Veterans
Founded in 2013, Alpine is an award winning California, cannabis brand known for our high potency vape cartridges.
Full Federal legal Compliance
All Alpine Hemp products meet the requirements of the 2018 Farm Bill.
Highest Standards of Quality And Safety
Each batch is lab tested with results posted to our website prior to release.
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Orders are shipped within 24 hours and tracking is provided through our website.

Complete Strain
Terpene Profile

We invented a new way to separate live resin terpenes from craft live resin that preserves the complete profile of the weed strain.

For the first time ever, the full spectrum of the cannabis strain’s aroma and other plant compounds are captured!  The result is a vape cart with top tier craft cannabis flavor that creates a delicious true-to-strain vape experience and the legendary Entourage effect.

All of our terpenes are isolated from real craft cannabis grown by artisan farmers in the Emerald Triangle of Northern California. We combine these terpenes the most potent legal THC on the market today (Delta 8, HHC, THC-O, and THCP) to create our Live Resin Terpene infused vape products.

By an Industry Pioneer

Alpine Vapor® is an award-winning California legacy brand. In 2013 we were among the first in the world to perfect cannabis distillation and bring high potency cannabis vape cartridges to market.

After years as a top California cannabis brand, we created Alpine Vapor Hemp to bring our legendary quality and potency to Legal THC Enthusiasts everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you can order all of Alpine's products online, in fact online ordering is the best way to order our legal THC products! Do to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived products are legal on a federal level, but check your individual state. This means you can buy Alpine Vapor's legal THC online and have it shipped to your home!

Buying online from Alpine give you:
  • 1. Your legal THC Products shipped in 24-hours!
  • 2. Your legal THC Products will ship in discreet packaging
  • 3. When you buy direct you'll always get an authentic Alpine product that is the purest and freshest available.
  • 4. Buying lega THC online is the only way to enjoy the flavor of Alpine Vapor’s all new live resin terpenes!!


All hemp derived THC, and other derivatives like HHC products, are federally legal, and here’s what else you need to know:
  • 1. Legal THC products must have less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC to be Federally legal.
  • 2. A few states have clearly restricted the sale of hemp derived THC, and in some states it’s still unclear.
  • 3. Rest assured that all Alpine legal THC products are Federally legal, but check your state.
  • 4. As a bonus, we always rigorously lab test our Alpine legal THC products for your safety and peace of mind!


Yes. Although some consumers report passing after using HHC, but rarely Delta 8 or THC-O, all of these products are still cannabinoids that metabolize much like Delta 9 THC. Even though Alpine products provide a powerful high experience, when it matters it’s best to plan a T-break in advance of your test. Are you still worried about HHC? If so, we’ve written a more in depth explanation of HHC and the drug test.


Yes. Alpine's hemp derived THC products contain very potent psychoactive cannabinoids that will get you high. Although some, like Delta 8 and HHC, are not as strong as Delta 9 THC, most enthusiasts find that our products provide one of the broadest and deepest highs available in legal THC!

Alpine’s legal THC products are far stronger than average hemp derived cannabinoids. We only use the most potent distillates that are max fresh and max potent. We infuse that hemp cannabinoid distillate with our famous live resin terpenes, which creates a strong high with the entourage effect. As such, please be careful with Alpine legal THC products and start with a smaller dose then normal to determine your tolerance.