About Us

About Alpine Vapor

Alpine Vapor® is an award-winning California legacy brand. In 2013 we were among the first in the world to perfect cannabis distillation and bring high potency cannabis vape cartridges to market. From years as a top brand in the California cannabis industry, we’ve pioneered a number of craft extraction techniques.

Live Resin Infused™

Our staff scientists invented a new way to separate live resin terpenes from real cannabis resin. Our method preserves the full spectrum of the plant’s aroma. The result is a top tier cannabis flavor that creates a delicious, true-to-strain vape experience.

All of our terpenes are isolated from real craft cannabis grown by artisan legacy farmers in the Emerald Triangle of Northern California. We combine these terpenes with Delta 8 THC, HHC, THC-O, and other hemp cannabinoids to create our Live Resin Infused line of vape products.

Our Heritage

Alpine Vapor started in 2013 as a passion project to develop the cleanest cannabis vapes in the market. Our goal was to make a vape that tastes so smooth that it’s like a breath of fresh alpine air. We are pioneers of cannabis distillation and are known in Southern California for our high quality vapes. Our philosophy is centered around making small, incremental improvements at every step of the extraction process and matching oil to the proper vape hardware to create the best user experience.

Our Process

We source our material from small artisan farmers in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. Aside from the rich cultural heritage these farmers have mastered growing small batch, craft cannabis. We work with farmers who grow specifically for extraction as opposed to smokable flower. In practice this means growing strains that are often lower in THC content but produce rich terpene profiles and are higher in resin content. Our farmers harvest two weeks ‘early’ before the THCa crystals are fully developed where terpene expression is at it’s peak. The material is wet trimmed, frozen within 1 hour of cutting, and cryo-preserved at -40C temperatures. This locks in the terpene profile of the fresh plant.

We then extract whole flower buds in to live resin. We never use trim.