Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test? Explained by Experts

Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test? Explained by Experts

Posted by Alpine Vapor Hemp on Jul 19, 2023

Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test? Get the Answer Here

CBD is all the rage now because of its purported health benefits, legality, and safety, but you should know that some cannabidiol products might cause you to fail a drug test. In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need regarding CBD’s half-life, legality, and effects, answering questions like:

  • Does CBD show up on a drug test?
  • What types of drug tests exist, and what to expect from them?
  • How can you safely buy and consume CBD?

Does CBD Come Up on a Drug Test?

Cannabidiol is not an illegal psychotropic substance, so it’s usually not the target of drug testing. Most tests aim for THC detection.

Still, some CBD products can contain traces of THC, thus leading to a positive result.

While THC presence can be intentional, as with full-spectrum products, it can also be a consequence of careless manufacturing. Mislabeling is common, and companies tend to advertise their products as 100% THC-free to drive sales even when that’s not true.

What Is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of over 100 cannabinoids in CannabisUnlike the more popular THC, which makes you high, CBD doesn’t. It typically comes from hemp—a variety of Cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC. Because of that, it’s legal on the federal level, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.

Today, you can find various products containing CBD, including:

How Does CBD Affect the User?

THC and CBD have a similar chemical structure, and both work by affecting the endocannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) and system. While THC binds to the receptors, CBD seems to antagonize them. When taken together, CBD can reduce THC’s potency and prevent some negative reactions.

The endocannabinoid system impacts various bodily functions, such as mood, sleep, appetite, immune response, learning, and memory. After taking CBD, you might feel calmer and relieved, as if the pain and discomfort have been lifted. It can help you deal with daily anxiety-inducing stressors without affecting your productivity or motivation.

CBD is still being researched, but existing scientific and anecdotal evidence demonstrates its great therapeutic potential. It is said to help soothe chronic pain and anxiety, improve sleep, and reduce symptoms of epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis.

CBD rarely causes adverse reactions, but some users might experience drowsiness, fatigue, and stomach upset if they take high doses. If the product is irresponsibly manufactured, it can contain impurities and toxins that can harm your health, so choose your supplier carefully.

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Does CBD Contain THC?

CBD products vary in terms of their contents. Some contain pure CBD (isolate), while others have various cannabinoids and other Cannabis compounds (broad and full-spectrum).

CBD isolate won’t cause intoxication, whereas the other two types might. Broad-spectrum usually has CBN, a slightly psychotropic cannabinoid often used as a sleep aid. Full-spectrum products contain CBN and trace amounts of THC (usually less than 0.3%), which might cause mild intoxication and, more importantly, yield a positive test result.

Keep in mind that full-spectrum has a significant advantage that makes it worth considering if you don’t have to undergo tox screening soon. The interplay of different cannabinoids and terpenes is powerful and emphasizes the plant’s therapeutic potential. We call this occurrence the entourage effect.

TypeIngredients Psychotropic?Can It Affect Test Results?
IsolatePure cannabidiolNoNo
Broad-spectrumCBN, CBG, CBC, sometimes terpenes, flavonoids, but typically no THCMight beNo
Full-spectrumVarious cannabinoids (often including THC), terpenes, and flavonoidsMight beYes

About Drug Testing

Drug tests come in many forms and vary in accuracy, sensitivity, number of panels, and detection window. Panels are the drugs that the test aims to detect. The most common are five-panel tests, while those with over 10 panels are typically reserved for specific professions, such as law enforcement and the government.

Urinalysis is the most widely used test, but blood testing tends to be the most reliable. Saliva tests are often administered on roads as they can provide instant results. Hair follicle testing is the least invasive and has a long detection window, but it’s also the most expensive method and not always the most accurate.

No matter the test, the process looks more or less the same—you provide the sample, it gets sent to the lab, where it’s analyzed for THC, and you receive a positive or negative result.

Can You Get Tested for CBD?

Yes, some tests can detect cannabidiol, but they’re rarely administered. CBD is not a Schedule 1 drug, and it doesn’t cause intoxication, so it’s not on the radar of law-enforcement agencies. The cannabinoid does not impair your cognitive or motor abilities significantly, being safe to consume and mostly legal.

How Long Is THC Detectable After Use?

Sources disagree on how long after use THC can be traced. Frequency of consumption plays a pivotal role—the heavier the use, the longer the cannabinoid can be detected. THC binds to the fat cells and accumulates in your body, so it can remain in your system for a long time. Even though various factors can determine the presence of THC in your body, here’s what the average numbers look like:

Type of TestDetection Window
Blood2 hours to 2 days
SalivaUsually 24 hours, but up to 7 days in frequent users
UrineUsually, 3 to 30 days after use, but up to 90 days in frequent users
HairUp to 90 days after use

If full-spectrum CBD products are your only source of THC, that’s not considered heavy use. You should still be careful as some tests are more sensitive than others.

Does CBD Show Up in Routine Blood Work?

Standard blood analysis doesn't include CBD or THC results unless the doctor specifically requests them. It’s usually designed to examine cholesterol, glucose levels, and cell count.

How Different Factors Influence the Half-Life of Cannabinoids

THC remains in the body from a few hours to over a month after use. Many factors affect its half-life, but dosage, frequency of use, and consumption method are the most significant.

Vaping and smoking have the highest bioavailability. They deliver the cannabinoid to the bloodstream quickly and effectively. The effects occur fast, end fast, and the substance leaves the body sooner than with other methods. Edibles are on the opposite side of the spectrum, with late onset, prolonged duration of effects, and extended half-life.

If used frequently over a long period and in high doses, cannabinoids will stay in the system for quite a while. Other factors impacting cannabinoids’ half-life include your diet, weight, metabolism, and water content.

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How To Decrease Your Chances of Failing a Drug Test

There’s no way to instantly eliminate THC from your body, but you may be able to accelerate the process if you:

  1. Stop using products containing THC (or CBD products you suspect have THC)
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Exercise and sweat as much as possible
  4. Eat foods high in fiber

Tips for Safe and Legal CBD Use

Here are some guidelines to make the most of your CBD journey and avoid side effects:

  • Buy products only from reputable manufacturers who undergo third-party lab testing
  • Check the certificate of analysis, ingredient list, and professional user reviews
  • Start with a small dose (up to 10 mg a day) and increase it gradually until you achieve the desired effects
  • Use the product as intended—never past its expiration date
  • Be mindful of changes in your body and stop taking CBD if you start having adverse reactions
  • If you have any physical or mental conditions or take prescription meds, consult your doctor before using CBD

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