How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel? An In-Depth Look

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel? An In-Depth Look

Posted by Alpine Vapor Hemp on Jul 06, 2023

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel? Demystifying Cannabidiol and Its Effects

Cannabidiol oil has been blowing up because of its potential uses in treating several medical conditions—but how does this popular cannabinoid affect your mind? We'll explore the short-term and long-term effects of CBD, answering common questions like:

  • How does CBD oil make you feel?
  • How long does CBD take to work, and how long do the effects last?
  • In what way does CBD affect your body and brain?

How Does CBD Make You Feel?

Unlike THC, which gets you high, CBD doesn’t. It’s usually hemp-derived and thus federally legal since the source contains less than 0.3% THC.

CBD’s effects are mild and often hard to notice. Most users describe the feeling as tranquility, cessation of pain and discomfort, and restoration of balance in the body. It can help relieve everyday stress and anxiety, helping users relax without impairing their ability to perform tasks.

According to numerous user reports, CBD can:

  • Uplift mood
  • Improve sleep
  • Soothe chronic pain
  • Help deal with anxiety, depression, and PTSD
  • Reduce some symptoms of MS, arthritis, Parkinson’s, and epilepsy

Further research is needed to verify the anecdotal evidence, but existing studies indicate CBD’s immense therapeutic potential. One of the signs that point to that is Epidiolex. It’s the first FDA-approved CBD-based drug, and it’s shown to be effective in reducing seizures in epileptic patients.

No matter the consumption method, the effects of cannabidiol will be similar, but how you take it can affect the onset and duration. Other factors that influence how CBD makes you feel include:

  • Diet
  • Body chemistry
  • Frequency of consumption
  • Potency of the product and dosage
  • Quality and freshness of the product

Does CBD Have Any Downsides?

Even though it’s mild and non-psychotropic, CBD can cause certain side effects. In high doses, users have reported fatigue, diarrhea, irritability, dizziness, and drowsiness.

CBD can interact with particular medications, primarily analgesics, antiepileptics, antidepressants, and liver meds. If you’re pregnant, have any chronic or acute condition, or take specific drugs, you’ll be more likely to experience negative reactions, so always consult your doctor before taking CBD.

Cannabidiol can also have an altered effect when combined with alcohol and illicit substances.

Another risk comes from the lack of adequate regulation in the CBD industry. Irresponsibly manufactured CBD can contain harmful chemicals or illegal amounts of THC. It’s crucial to buy only from companies with positive ratings among professional reviewers and present transparent ingredient lists, lab results, and certificates of analysis.

Source: CRYSTALWEED cannabis

How Does Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Make You Feel?

CBD oil can have a different effect and cause slight intoxication if it contains other Cannabis compounds.

Cannabis produces hundreds of phytochemicals, over 100 of which are cannabinoids like CBD and THC. It’s not always possible or necessary to isolate only one cannabinoid and eliminate all other compounds.

Based on its contents, CBD oil can be:

  1. Isolate
  2. Broad-spectrum
  3. Full-spectrum

CBD isolates consist of pure CBD, while full- and broad-spectrum products contain various compounds, including CBN, CBG, CBC, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids. Broad-spectrum oils are typically THC-free, while full-spectrum oils include THC, but usually in trace amounts to remain legal.

Broad-spectrum oil could have a somewhat stronger calming effect than pure CBD due to the presence of CBN. It’s much less potent than THC and is said to be a good sleep aid. THC in full-spectrum extracts could induce a mild euphoria. Still, since these cannabinoids are present in tiny amounts, the difference is hardly noticeable.

Cannabinoids like CBN and THC aren’t the only compounds that can modulate CBD’s effects. Terpenes can affect your mood and change the way you react to CBD products.

The Entourage Effect—Why Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Is the Best Choice

When combined, cannabinoids can become more powerful. Terpenes, even though mainly associated with the flavor and smell of the plant, could boost and prolong the effects of cannabinoids. Together, they form a harmonious synergy that brings more benefits than any cannabinoid alone. This favorable interaction is called the entourage effect.

One of the best supporting evidence for it is a 2010 study on cancer patients. The participants who received the combination of THC and CBD reported significantly less pain than those who received pure THC or the placebo.

If you have a drug screening soon, avoiding psychotropic cannabinoids and opting for pure CBD oil is the right choice. In any other case, you might want to give full-spectrum a try. It won’t make you intoxicated, but it can have additional benefits.

How Do You Know Whether CBD Is Working?

The effects of CBD can vary from person to person, so it can be difficult to know if it’s working. It depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Some people take CBD to relieve chronic pain, others to improve sleep. When you know the goal, it’s easier to keep track of the progress.

It’s also crucial to give cannabidiol enough time to start working—at least a few weeks. Some sources claim CBD’s full potential can be felt only after 8 to 12 weeks of use. Stay consistent, listen to your body, and act accordingly. Some users require larger doses due to various factors, such as metabolism, weight, water content, and many others.

You mustn’t expect too much because CBD is not a magic potion, and it won’t make all your problems disappear. It can improve certain aspects of your life but cannot replace healthy habits such as exercise, proper diet, and mental health care.

Source: CBD-Infos-com

When Do You Start Feeling the Effects of CBD?

Many factors influence the onset and duration of CBD’s effects, but the consumption method is essential. Not all methods are equal in terms of bioavailability, i.e., the proportion of CBD that reaches the bloodstream.

Inhalation (smoking and vaping) has the highest rate, which means it delivers CBD most effectively. It leads to a quicker onset of effects but also shortens their duration. Ingestion (edibles and drinks) has the lowest bioavailability rate, so expect the effects to start and end late. Sublingual administration (oils and tinctures) sits somewhere in the middle.

Check out the table below for a clear comparison:

CBD Consumption MethodAverage Onset of Effects
Inhalation1 to 10 minutes
Sublingual 20 to 30 minutes
Ingestion30 to 90 minutes

How Long Do You Feel the Effects of CBD?

As mentioned, the effects last the shortest with inhalation and the longest with ingestion. Refer to the following table to get an overview:

CBD Consumption MethodAverage Duration of Effects
Inhalation3 to 4 hours
Sublingual3 to 5 hours
Ingestion6 to 8 hours

Keep in mind that these numbers don’t indicate how long it stays in your body. Since it’s fat-soluble, CBD remains in the fat cells long after the effects have worn off—from a few hours to a month, depending on various factors.

How Does CBD Make You Relaxed?

Like any cannabinoid, CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system, which controls numerous processes, including mood, sleep, appetite, inflammation, and immune response.

Endocannabinoid receptors are located all over the body. There are two groups—CB1, present mainly in the central nervous system, and CB2, found in the peripheral nervous system and immune cells.

Cannabinoids work by affecting these receptors but in different ways. While THC binds to them, CBD appears to act as their antagonist, reducing THC’s potency and negative effects when taken together with its psychotropic sibling.

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Dedication to Quality and Safety

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