What are terpenes and why are they important?

  • Terpenes are simple alcohols that are responsible for a cannabis plant’s aroma and taste. When we talk about cannabis strains we’re really talking about their terpene profiles and, to a smaller extent, the flavins, tannins, and other minor molecules that contribute to the entourage effect.
  • The primary difference between indicas and sativas is their myrcene concentration levels.
  • Also present in hops and responsible for the different flavors of craft beer.
  • Terpenes are responsible for the entourage effect

Where we source and why?

  • Quality of terpenes depends on growing conditions
  • Terroir, the soil, topography and climate, is important in giving the terpenes their distinctive profile. Different cultivars are optimized by craft growers to the terroir of the farm.
  • Small batch craft means the grower can pay attention to individual plants for peak terpene optimization
  • We use true Artisan craft growers with decades of experience that have optimized their cultivars for the terroir

How we handle and process our material

  • Cryo-freezing to lock in the flavor of the fresh plant within an hour of harvest
  • We then extract to live resin form

How do we isolate the terpenes from the live resin?

  • We invented a new proprietary technology that separates the THC from the terpenes
  • No chemicals or solvents are used
  • Our process preserves the lighter, more difficult to capture terpenes that are responsible for the sweet distinctive aromas
  • Unlike our competitors use a crude steam distillation that destroys the lighter terpenes resulting in an incomplete terpene profile

Who is Alpine Vapor and why are we qualified to perfect terpenes?
“Who We Are”

  • Founded in 2013 in the heart of Los Angeles
  • We're focused exclusively on creating high potency vapes with the best flavor
  • Our unique talent is blending high quality oil with great custom engineered hardware to create a product that tastes great
  • We’re passionate consumers driven to create exciting products that we love using as much as you.

Our superior science and technology is what makes the Alpine difference

  • We're a collection of devoted scientists and engineers that invented the technology for preserving the lighter terpenes that are more responsible for the flavor.
  • We have deep relationships in the Emerald Triangle that allow us to consistently source only flower grown for live resin (peak terpene expression)
  • We are highly selective about the strains we process
  • No never use cheap botanical terpenes
  • We always make our terpenes, so that they meet our exacting standards.

We formulate true to strain and single source

  • Single strain origin - we don’t blend terpenes
  • No botanical terpenes
  • Matching the strain to the hardware

Why is Alpine hardware better?

  • All wetted parts are polished cubic zirconia ceramic or glass
  • We don’t use any metals so there is no potential for heavy metals leaching in to the oil
  • We tune the resistance, intake hole size to work perfectly for our blends
  • We designed geometry of the cartridge for peak performance
  • We firmly believe that the best oil in the wrong hardware is a tragedy
  • You can’t make a great vape without great hardware AND great oil

Third-Party lab testing